The benefits of having Thoroughbred specific prize money is that professional instructors who compete and produce horses for competition and their followers and protégé are highly likely to mimic their trends. The competitor who is an instructor starts to utilize the Thoroughbred horse to improve their chance of winning prize money, others follow their lead. Decreasing the demand for the Warmblood and effecting a compounding positive result in favour of the retired race horse.

Make a REAL difference in Reducing Racing Industry Waste ... for the love of horses.

Program Objectives and initiative Effects 

Percentage of Thoroughbred Showjumpers and projected 'Life After Racing' program influence

What can be done to reverse this trend?

How is this possible?

  • Through the delivery of Thoroughbred specific prize money.

Statistics have been taken from current nominations to competition, have been simplified and rounded.

Over the past 20 years the Thoroughbred horse in Australia has gradually become less popular due to the introduction of purpose bred Warmblood horses. In 1995 the figures were drastically different with the Thoroughbred making up a massive 90% of Showjumpers and Eventers and approximately 50% of Dressage horses (Information supplied from an independent study of horse events in NSW and ACT).

A brief Analysis of the Thoroughbred

in Performance horse EVENTS 

  • Increase the popularity of the Thoroughbred for performance purposes

  • Utilize professionals already in the industry  and encourage competition entries on Thoroughbreds.

  • Promote the breed as it always has been "the most versatile athletic breed of horse".

Current Statistics-