$100 for LIFE 

$25 for a Year

After you submit ....Please pay your Passport fee ....

A bonus for a Thoroughbred horse who wins selected classes is offered to Thoroughbred horses that hold a Life After Racing Passport. All eligible horses must have the passport application in prior to the commencement of the event. The horse will be eligible if the application has been made and the passport has not been processed, however in the event that the horse is not verified as a Thoroughbred, the competitor will forfeit the application fee and will not be eligible for any bonus. Life After Racing administration staff will reasonably assist all applications to investigate the horse's breed on request.

A passport can be purchased for $25 per year or $100 for a life passport. Passports are transferrable to new owners if the horse is sold. Thoroughbreds are eligible if they have a life number and the administration staff of Life After Racing can confirm the identity of the horse with racing authorities. Please note that the horse does not have  to of raced or trialled.

Life After Racing Bonus

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